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Case Study: Silicon Valley Startup’s Global Expansion with Anlage’s GCC Launchpad Service


A Silicon Valley-based startup, specializing in high-performance networking chips for AI and accelerated computing, aimed to expand its global footprint by establishing a Global Capability Center (GCC) in Hyderabad, India. The startup, which has raised approximately $150 million, sought to leverage innovation arbitrage by accessing a rich talent pool and cost advantages in India.


The startup faced several challenges in setting up its GCC in Hyderabad, including navigating complex compliance and legal requirements, finding suitable workspace solutions, and managing back-office operations. They needed a partner who could provide end-to-end support, allowing them to focus on their core innovation and technology development.

Solution: Anlage’s GCC Launchpad Service

The startup partnered with Anlage’s GCC Launchpad service, which offered a comprehensive suite of services to facilitate the establishment of their GCC. The service package included:

1. Compliance and Legal Support

Anlage ensured that the startup's operations in India complied with local regulations and legal standards. This included company registration, tax compliance, and labor laws adherence.

2. Workspace Solutions

Anlage provided customized workspace solutions, from identifying suitable office locations to designing and setting up the workspace according to the startup’s specifications. This ensured a seamless transition for the teams moving to the new location.

3. Back-Office Support

Anlage handled all back-office functions, including HR, payroll, IT support, and administrative services. This comprehensive support allowed the startup to operate smoothly without diverting resources from their core activities.


The implementation of the GCC Launchpad service involved the following steps:

1. Initial Consultation and Planning

Anlage conducted a thorough needs assessment and devised a detailed plan tailored to the startup’s requirements.

2. Compliance and Legal Setup

Anlage's legal experts managed all regulatory and compliance-related tasks, ensuring the startup's swift and compliant entry into the Indian market.

3. Workspace Establishment

Anlage identified prime locations in Hyderabad and set up a state-of-the-art workspace equipped with the necessary infrastructure to support the startup’s high-tech operations.

4. Operational Support

Anlage’s back-office team took over the day-to-day operational tasks, providing ongoing support to ensure the startup could focus on innovation and R&D.


Rapid Market Entry: The startup successfully established its GCC in Hyderabad within a remarkably short timeframe, thanks to Anlage’s streamlined processes and local expertise.

Cost Efficiency: By leveraging Anlage’s services, the startup reduced operational costs and achieved significant savings, which were reinvested in their core business areas.

Focus on Innovation: With Anlage handling compliance, workspace, and back-office operations, the startup’s leadership could concentrate on developing cutting-edge networking solutions, maintaining their competitive edge in the market.


Anlage’s GCC Launchpad service played a pivotal role in the successful expansion of this Silicon Valley startup to India. By providing full-stack services covering compliance, legal, workspace solutions, and back-office support, Anlage enabled the startup to take advantage of innovation arbitrage effectively. This partnership exemplifies how strategic support services can facilitate seamless global expansion for technology-driven companies.

Case Study

Case Study: Implementation of GCC-as-a-Service (GaaS)


Anlage collaborated with a Germany-based automotive electronics company to implement GCC-as-a-Service, leveraging remote capability centers with zero capital expenditure.

Talent Onboarding and Skills Arbitrage

Anlage identified and onboarded a team of highly skilled professionals in India, specializing in new mobility technologies, hybrid and electric drives, battery management, and e-drive systems. This approach utilized skills arbitrage, maximizing the cost-effectiveness and expertise available in India.

Cultural Integration

The Indian team was sent to Germany to work closely with the German team, understanding the company's culture, working patterns, and technical requirements, fostering seamless collaboration.

Remote Capability Center Setup

Upon returning to India, the team was expanded with additional resources in a fully equipped workspace provided by Anlage. The workspace was outfitted with the necessary hardware and software to ensure continuity in development services required by the parent company.

Scalability and Flexibility

GCC-as-a-Service provided a flexible, pay-as-you-grow model, enabling the company to scale their team as needed. During a downturn cycle, the company effectively downsized the team to align with revenue impacts, showcasing the model's adaptability.


GCC-as-a-Service facilitated by Anlage allowed the company to explore remote capabilities efficiently, maintain operational flexibility, and manage costs effectively through skills arbitrage, ultimately driving innovation and resilience in their automotive electronics development.

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